speakeasy invitations

30th birthday invitations

art deco design was the inspiration behind these 1920′s themed 30th birthday invitations. the screenprinted lace handkerchiefs were delivered in silver-lined black envelopes, with an admission ticket featuring the password for exclusive entry to the speakeasy club.


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  1. mwebb says:

    Hi! I’m throwing a 20′s themed birthday party for myself and I love these invitations! Did you make these yourself or did you have them made? Can you send me a pdf of the invitation copy? I’d love to use it for my invites! Thanks!

  2. Lori Watson says:

    Hello! I’m having a 1920′s themed wedding reception.I was wondering how much you charge to make these invitations and how long it would take.

  3. Lynn says:

    Kudos to you!! This is the most creative idea that I’ve seen! Could you possibly send me some information on either how much you would charge to make these or how I can make them myself? Many thanks for your time and for sharing such fun invitations!

  4. Jen Paulman says:

    Hey there! I love these invites, could you send me more information on these? We are planning a 1920s wedding for May 2012, and are having a tough time looking for the invites that are perfect for us.


  5. Grettel Cousins says:

    Hi, I absolutely love these invitations. I am chairing my daughter’s school auction this year and our theme is roaring twenties. I would love to be able to recreate these invites for our party. I live in the USA. Would you be willing to share editable version of the wording? I am happy to pay a fee for this.

  6. Alison says:

    I love these invites. Can you please send me some information

  7. Krystal C says:

    Hey , you just made me smile !! ive been looking for invites for my 21st birthday party every where. Ive fallen in love with these. Could you please send me some information on these, my party is in early March :)


  8. Diana says:

    Hi! I’m throwing a 20′s themed birthday party for my 30th and I love these invitations! Any chance you could pdf a copy of the invitation I would really love to di it for invitations!
    Thanks Dee

    • emily says:

      Hi Dee,

      Unfortunately I don’t release artwork for copyright reasons, but am happy to create the invites specifically for your 30th birthday. These Speakeasy invites were printed onto cotton handkerchieves, but they can be printed on paper if you wish! If you’d like more info, please email emily@baroquestudio.com.au.


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